This Is The Kit, Workmans Club, 06.03.15

I have always loved small, intimate shows and I reckon I always will. I wasn't familiar with music of This Is The Kit, but better late than never. The fact that I got a few photographs was a sweet bonus. The set got stronger and stronger and by the end the two song encore just wasn't enough. The Workmans Club was perfect for the show, some tables upfront, comfortable seating along the sides and standing room for those who feel a strong pull to be close to the bar. The crowd was great. No annoying background chatter but not afraid to interact with the band, particularly with Kate Stables whose between song patter is much better than she lets on. The band are releasing a new album very soon, Bashed Out, produced by Aaron Dessner from The National.

Band web site here.

Check out the live video section, including footage from Other Voices.

Band Facebook here


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