Sufjan Stevens 'Carrie & Lowell' Listening Party, DHG Trinity College, 10.03.15

The amazing new album from Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell, was made available to fans at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College on 10.03.15. The listening party event was organised by the great staff at the DHG, Tower Records, Sufjan's record label Asthmatic Kitty Records and the good folk over at Gilded Alm. The space in Gallery 1 was perfect for listening to the new work from one of Americas foremost singer songwriters. Each listener had personal headphones and could enjoy the accompanying movie footage or just chill in the high ceiling space of the gallery. Serendipity was a friend on the night. The art work adorning the walls was perfect for the album, some of the pieces adding an extra dimension to the always insistent lyrics. The artist in question is Rose Wylie. All the background paintings in the photos below are by Rose, more information here. Big thanks to the DHG for allowing me to take the shots. DHG Facebook page.

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